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Buy YCall plans, make international calls with no limitation

While you cannot always travel to your dream destinations, you can always find your dream destinations among our YCall plans. Besides the lowest calling rates on the market, we also offer various calling plans for phone chat lovers. The current available plans include most European countries, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and China, covering major countries around the globe. The plans of European countries start from 0.026 euro (0.029 USD) per minute. China plan starts from 0.006 euro (0.007 USD) per min. No roaming fees. For more rates information and the purchase of plans, please go to “Plans” menu in YCall App.

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How to save your YCall credits?

YCall is really a huge saver for clients who have to make many international calls. However, you may not know there are some ways to save your YCall credits. Firstly, you can get free credits by just starting using YCall. When you download and register on YCall, you will be asked to fill in your email. After registration, you will receive a verification link on this email. Click the link, you will immediately receive 0.2 euro/USD free credit. You can also get free credits by using the function “inviting friends”. If your friend registers on YCall following your invitation SMS within 48 hours, you can earn 1 euro/USD free credit for every successful invitation you send. What’s more, you can enjoy completely free calls with your contacts who also have installed and registered YCall on their device. Last but not the least, YCal offers 36 super-saving calling plans, covering most popular destinations in the world. You can save your calling costs by as large as 60%. For details, please check

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It is Chinese New Year soon! Call China at low price with YCall!

Firstly, YCall wishes all our Chinese clients a happy New Year. China has always been one of our most popular calling destinations. Its rapidly growing economy makes it a hot spot for foreign investment and business. Its magnificent landscape and unique culture attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. With YCall, you can call China cheaply at as little as USD 0.007 (Euro 0.006) per minute. Why not pick up your phone and say “Happy New Year” to your Chinese friends?

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Have you prepared your Christmas wishes? Let YCall hear you!

It is only one week left for the Christmas 2016. On this special festival, let YCall hear your Christmas wishes. No matter how far away your friends and family are, YCall will deliver your Christmas wishes with the best voice quality and the lowest calling rates. As long as there is Internet, your wishes will be delivered by us. The calling rate to China starts from 0.006 euro (0.007 USD)/min, rate to European countries starts from 0.01 euro (0.011 USD)/min. The calls to US and Canada are free. What are you waiting for? Recommend us to your family and friends.

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